Friday, February 10, 2006

Home Change!!! 

This is gonna be the second time now when I'm shifting my base to a new place.
The first time I did so because my beloved blogger identity had got associated with the one in the real world, which was not acceptable to me then.
This time, I'm moving to the new place which is entirely mine, and can't exist without shouting it all out about myself.


This new place signifies the url which I longed to get. May I get solace to myself here.


- Asterix!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Assorted Thots and Remembering a Nice (for me) Incidence! 

2:37am - Well .. I guess, right after scribbling the previous post, saying that I'm in a full flow of putting my two pences into words, I suffered a writer's block. Anyhow, a 15 day break is any day better than the last one which lasted abt a year ... Lol.

3:15am - Today/tonite my situation is similar to any previous typical day in my IIT years when I had to make a submission on the next day, and like all engineers do - study/complete the assignment on the last day/nite - I've been working since the sunday afty in office till now (add to it - listen to the favs of my music). I guess, the next break to me will be available to me only by today evening. The code is running on the server behind this window, which is the result of my past 12 continuous hours of office TP.

4:20am - Thinking back, from since the day when I'd put up the last post, I've seen two very good movies (the frequency of their release couldn't be any better) - Zinda and Rang De Basanti. Although in public opinion, RDB has gained much more popularity, I'd anyday vouch for Zinda too. Had an option of going to watch "The Chronicles of Narnia" too today, but for the work in office.

4:58am - The code is still running ... and since I'm a l'il off playing basketball now, have to sit and listen to the music, and wait till the today dataset compilation takes place.

As for the past two Saturday evenings, had absolutely tempting options to travel and enjoy (in short - do TP) ... To go to Ahmdbd on 27th-29th Jan, to IIMA Chaos'06 and to go for the Bryan Adams' show on this one. But apparently I missed both (else my post would've had started with the notes on them). Can't forget the last Bryan Adams' show I attended, back in 2003 in Delhi. Till today, my dear friend misses no chance of getting my a** kicked from people arnd me.

5:39am - May be the Bryan Adams' story will have to wait. As the present condition is, I've successfully run the code, but now the need of the hour is - I need to make similar codes and run them to merge enormous datasets by today office-hours. So may be the post shall have to end here.

Yeh tha ... meri stithi ka aakhon dekha haal (apologies to the non-hindi speaking ppl) .... Aaage ke haalaat ke baare mein aapko report aate hi suchit kiya jaayega ... Tab tak ke liye Namashkar !
(Hope u can imagine my condition ... Lol)

- Asterix.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

But it rained ...! 

For the past few days, I feel liking writing ... and writing about just anything ... and writing more ... and to keep writing. But I guess that should be just a phase for me. And meanwhile, listening to music has again become something that i've started to enjoy.
(For the uninitiated, from since I've joined my a organization (refer to the last post), I again get to hear music on my comp while working).

Just a couple of days back, I heard this song, by Parikrama, again after a long time. The music is awesome, the way it catches up the main-stream is cool ... and the chord it touches throughout the song, is the same which is there in a few songs, which just touches your heart. Though I believe there's something they definitely could've done better on ... the lyrics. I find them extremely unimpressive and pessimistic here. I've met them personally, have been to infinite no. of their concerts, acknowledge the fact that they're one of the few Indian bands which have a tremendous potential to make it real big in the world market ... but only if they improve upon on the substance somewhere.

Below is the link to download it ... and the lyrics too.


Wrapped in a polythene, tucked away safe in my mind
a little goodbye, maybe, or just a passing smile

The birds fly away to the sky still searching for home
a bunch o' paper flowers, or a little child left all alone
Can somebody hear me, I'm screaming from so far away
morning who'll calm you, the evening's eclipsed again

*Well does life get any better
more yesterday than today
How I thought the sun would shine tommorow
But it rained...

They justified the cause for which Daddy might give up his life
it's been so long, so long a time but still I miss Daddy at night
The ache is long gone but the never keeps staring at me
the waters in the seas are high, and all the sand castles have drowned

*Well does life get any better
more yesterday than today
How I thought the sun would shine tommorow
But it rained...

- Asterix.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Analytics - The Upcoming Buzz Word in India 

Although from the topic of the post, it would look like the post is on a very serious matter and is absolutely derailed from the purpose behind writing this blog, but seriously speaking ... I find that this's juuuusssst the right time to write on this industry when I've entered this domain recently.

Till now, as I perceived, it'd been a niche class of business, where only the people from the ISIs (Oh no, not that one ... I mean - The Indian Statistical Institutes) would land up to run few regressions/ formulate complex mathematical equations to build up a couple of captivating "What-if Models" to present to few clients in India, who were at all concerned about how to cut their marketing costs, increase their conversion-success rate on the target customer base, identify and single-out the risky propositions and the existing relationships, and what not!

But now it seems that by making a decision of getting into this sector, I was "Just-in-Time". The day I’d decided that I wanted to quit my previous organization and move on, I did a 20-days extensive research on where did my future lie / where could I get promising returns to my inputs in any co. Once I'd zeroed-in to get into Analytics, I applied to 4 cos., got 4 calls for interviews, appeared for 3 of those interviews, got 3 offers, chose to negotiate between 2 of them, and finally decided to accept the one where I'm currently placed now.

This place absolutely seems unbelievable. At one instance, you see a plethora of people from IIMs, IITs and ISIs, working on their comps with not even a single raw expression on their faces for hours, and on another instance, the same people are abso-bloody-lutely chilled out, either all gathered around someone playing a guitar in the office and accompanying him in singing the song, or someone's playing basketball/football/cricket in the gallery in the office, or you might find people chatting over yahoo/msn/skype messengers, or may be if that's not enough, you may find them playing online intranet games like pool. The place is absolutely like a dream house. And to add to it, it's growing at more than 200%. Compensation structures in this sector are truly astonishing, promising a tremendous growth in the same over the years.

The analytics companies act as the think-tank of every organization which has got data on their IT systems of their past behaviours but doesn't know what to do with it. The people here apply their knowledge of pure/applied mathematics and business dimension to provide consultancy services to them. Irrespective of these technical know-hows, one thing that's truly required here is aptitude and common-sense, and like I always say, Common sense is not so common.

This industry is growing many folds every month, making every other sector-special firm (the clientele) to realize the importance of its existence. I wish I had the exact data to testify my statement. Nevertheless, the statistics can be found in yesterday's Mumbai ET and Business Times, which had a huge article on my organization. The analytics sector in India will be worth a research in few months, and I hope to continue being a proud analyst in this field :-)

- Asterix.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Eyes speak a Thousand Words 

Right now i'm sitting watching 15 Park Avenue, and something abt the actor Konkana makes me like her immensely.

That feature has been something which also made me like d girls i'd liked the most in my life - the eyes tht speak. Her eyes speak what is in d heart, d way the eyes laugh when she does, the way they spell it all out wht u'r feeling at heart. Dunno but i guess the eyes solely are enough to play a major role to make me fall for someone.

Now tht d intermission is over, i'm back to d movie.

D movie's amazing, and so is Konkana.
(I guess all Sharmas rule d world ... lol)

- Asterix.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Atom feed is up and running!! 

Finally, after ignoring this new tech. for almost about an year, I've adopted this and applied it to my own blog now :-)

I've been seeing ppl putting a xml link on their sites for past 1 year now ... Everyone was getting bitten by this new-found craze. Unknown to this concept and under the pretext of being too busy to explore it, I'd been fultoo ignoring it, till I saw my flatmate's co. running largely on the RSS reader.

So, here it is -
Atom : http://sangeet.blogspot.com/atom.xml
RSS : http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/fBYn :-)

Use it people, as this place has become hot-n-happening now .. Lol.

- Asterix

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Ongoing New Life ... ! 

Long time since I made any post .... was actually caught up with the fast changes in my life.
New job, new knowledge in a new sector, new people, new flat, new location, new flatmates, new habits, new mode of transport, new kinda freedom .... everything was so new and to get over the feeling of losing a bit of old stuff ... I took my own time.

Have been trying to wind-up the previous stuff and connections and link with the new one ... let's see how long it takes ...

- Asterix.

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